Women Got The Power


Happy International Women’s Day! If you are a girl or a woman, then this day is for you!


Beyonce couldn’t have sang it better. Who run the world….GIRLS! 

This day is to celebrate us. We women can do whatever we want to. You want to be a fire fighter? A police? A soldier? Go ahead. You want to be a CEO of your own company? A writer? A pilot? The choice is yours. As long as you work for it, anything is possible. One of my mottos is:

If you want it that bad, you’ll do anything possible to get it…”

Remember those times we got heartbroken. In the end, it only made us stronger. When we get knocked down by someone, don’t fret. Get up and prove them wrong. We know how cruel the world may be, and we still thrive in it. We learn not to make the same mistakes. We follow our dreams.

We are strong. On the inside and on the outside. No matter what has happened, we will get up and triumph. So here is a song to show that we, the woman, have the power! This is one of my favorite songs. It has attitude, it has power, it’s sassy and it’s definitely an anthem. It’s Power by Little Mix!

“You’re the man, but I got the power. You should know, I’m the one who’s in control…”



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